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Skatepark in Swaziland

Skate World Better

Martin Loužecký


Jsme neziskovka, která staví po Africe skateparky spojeně s dětskými centry, kde probíhá celá řada volnočasových aktivit, výuka a kulturní akce. Momentálně se připravujeme na projekt ve Swazijsku, na který jsme získali i záštitu českého senátu. Máme sehnaný pozemek, máme potřebná povolení, dobrovolníky i know-how, ale jsme stále v procesu získávání potřebných financi na stavbu jako takovou. Za jakoukoliv pomoc předem děkujeme!

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O naší organizaci

Skate World Better is a non-profit organization founded in 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The original idea was to carry out one construction of a skatepark in an African country for experience purposes during our studies at the University of Copenhagen. This project was to be examined and written about in our MA theses, which did take place, but to our surprise we had such a great success, that we decided to continue with our activity and actually take it far more seriously.
As of now, we have moved the organization to the Czech Republic, where it is currently established and registered. It consists of many members of many professions spread throughout Europe, which gives us an enormous reach and an advantage. From our first project, that took place in Maputo, Mozambique, we kept our sponsors and partnering organization, with whom we continue to work. For instance, these are other NGO’s, skateboard companies and entities supporting the development in Africa.
Our intention is to continue with our activity, build more skateparks / youth centers on the African continent and minister to a healthy development of the youth.

We use skateboarding as a tool to bring people together and create a safe space where kids can learn and play. We always work with a partnering organization from local grounds that sustains the skatepark after we leave and runs a variety of activities. Skateboarding is a unique discipline, where joint effort and mutual respect is fostered rather than competitiveness. Skateboarding is an unstructured activity where people of all body types, ages, genders, and backgrounds can feel welcome. Skateparks provides the youth with the opportunity to create real organic friendships that transcend nationality, class, religion and cultural background. Skateboarding teaches you that in order to succeed – you have to fail. You have to push yourself into the unknown and to the limit of your capabilities in order to one day master something. Skateboarding teaches you about life -about self development, self discipline and creativity. There is no better way to obtain that than through having fun with your friends. In other words, the kids grow up together doing something they enjoy and support each other while doing it, which we believe will have a positive impact on the later adult society.

In 2019 we ventured to Maputo, Mozambique where we have build two public skateparks in two different neighborhoods of the city. We have partnered with two local children organizations, namely ASM (associacao do skate) and MAPUTO-SKATE that sustain educational activities and skateboarding lessons in the skateparks. This action had a bigger impact on the local skateboard scene and the entire city where local youth population strives as the number demonstrate. Mozambique is a nearly 40 million country, where about 46% of the population is younger than 15 years of age. We have moreover partnered with the local chapter of S.O.S Children’s Village who uses one of the skateparks as their facility and provides educational seminars to the kids that spend their time in the skatepark in return. Needless to say, we have brought loads of equipment to the local organizations so that the kids have safe and professional conditions to learn new skills. After the project implementation we have continued to develop new ideas for future projects, we have created new collection of skateboards that we use for our marketing strategies and we have tried to spread the consciousness about our activities.

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